Femmes With Beards

“It takes a very secure man to walk like that.”



More fun Quiet shots, this time from Colossalcon. All courtesy of the talented M1Photo, who you can find on Flickr or Facebook! The guy managed to make mid-day harsh sunlight work, and any photographer knows that’s no easy feat.

I have no idea what this is cosplay for but I like it.


I don’t actually “wear” these little lacie thongs. I bought them for a one time only use when I had no other options. I had something very sexy in mind and hadn’t really planned on it.

I’m too whimpy to wear tight, sexy yoga pants out in my local public that may notice me. I’m too whimpy to wear them even amongst a small crowd of my social circle who’s all kinds of supportive of my coming out and dating guys and all that…even those awesome folks do not know how much I like to feel sexy and to wear these sexy clothes that show my body like this. I keep it very private for just me and for my guy who comes over when we’re privately behind closed doors. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I could live in pants like these and I could. But I don’t. I’m too afraid of critical scrutiny and having to answer for it. Anyway…I was going on a trip to the Bay Area in Cali last year. When I was on my way to get dropped off with my ride to the airport, I pulled over and bought thee sexiest pair of yoga pants leggings and needed some skimpy undies to wear with them that wouldn’t bunch up and be all lumpy under them. Who wants that?! I found these lace thongs and paired them up and wore them through both airports and on my plane ride amongst thousands of travelers under the stringent safety of anonymity. It was a THRILL for me at the time to say the very least. I felt like myself and I felt like ten million bucks. I was celebrating my sexuality…my diversity and my challenge to traditional gender boundaries. These photos came from that trip. I haven’t worn these undies since that trip.

I’m not looking to cross dress or anything nor do I have ANY confusion as to my sex, my biology. I’m a strong, masculine guy who happens to feel extremely sexual in highlighting my body lines and dressing up my legs and buns in little, femme clothes that are tight and revealing. I’m suggesting that it’s okay for men to celebrate their sex appeal and to feel sexy in their bodies just as it is for women. Do we think that women dress in these wonderful pants strictly for comfort and freedom of movement? I don’t think so. Many of them feel sexy and the attention that comes with that is enjoyable to experience. Why not me?



Model:Alexander Barna
Photography: Wish Thanasarakhan
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joining my people

queer: ohthentic.tumblr.com

men and women unites in maxi skirts. this is how the world should be exist

Lucas Straetmans designed a skirt for men. for wedding :)


2011 EMAs - 2014 iheart radio awards


you rock those pleats

Warren Evans, a bisexual student at Calvert High, was suspended for wearing a skirt, and he says it doesn’t violate the school’s dress code.
Evans told NBC Washington, “I don’t think [it violated the dress code]. Why not? It didn’t say anywhere in the code of conduct or dress code that says boys can’t dress like girls … Some people aren’t tolerant of that type of thing.”

God of thunder!!!!
Took my nephew to Thor 2 last night, we had a great time. He loved it :)

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Mardi Gras, 1938


I’m Not a Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBTI community through art and design, created by Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) in light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela and the World. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter using the hashtag #ImNotaJoke. Like my page on Facebook and share the posters to support the cause! 

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While I’m wasting away in the doldrums of a suburb (although seeing my family for once is lovely, they go back to work Monday meaning me alone in the house all day which sucks big time)  I came across this wonderful picture of my amazing boyfriend. He loves cooking for me, and also loves wearing my skirt. I love him. So much. Idc if you guys think I’m lame, I’m blind to it.