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Shikhandi and Other Stories They Don’t Tell You

Patriarchy asserts men are superior to women, Feminism clarifies women and men are equal, Queerness questions what constitutes male and female.

In his latest book, “Shikhandi and Other Tales They Don’t Tell You”, mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik explores the various stories revolving around queer topics that were a part of ancient Indian history but are seemingly and conveniently forgotten in the current society. 
Contrasting the popular belief in present day Indian society, that queerness and the LGBT+ community should be condemned and denounced as they go against the culture, traditions and history of India and are nothing but a Western corruption, Devdutt Pattanaik draws upon various Hindu oral myths as well as sacred texts which narrate tales of homosexual relationships, trans and intersex identities and other MOGII groups amongst not only humans, demigods and spirits but also Gods and Goddesses who constantly challenge the normative stances on gender roles and identities.

A Message to All Boys:


Wearing eyeliner doesn’t make you “girly” or “gay” a lot of girls actually find it attractive. If you wanna put concealer on that pimple go ahead. It doesn’t make you less of a man. Makeup is not intrinsically feminine. Don’t let society’s screwed up gender roles stop you from expressing yourself.

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this is so incredibly important to me holy shit
an article about an agender person’s identity ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE WASHINGTON POST

this kind of visibility is excellent, but I’m curbing my enthusiasm until I can read the article. :/

Read here :)


since i already reblogged a post about mel gonzales (pictured right), i didnt want to pass by mentioning scarlett lenh (pictured left), a trans girl who won homecoming queen at her high school in colorado
link to article

tpoc YES


Photos and final product for Mq. & Mrs.’s amazing lgbtq coloring book for kids.

Model : Alicia Michele

■ MTV And Logo To Premiere 'Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word'


MTV and Logo will premiere Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, a documentary following seven transgender youths and the issues they face.

On October 17, MTV and Logo will simultaneously premiere “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word,” a documentary produced by “Orange Is the New Black” cast member Laverne Cox. The hour-long documentary follows the lives of seven transgender youths. They hail from New York, New Orleans and Baltimore and range in age from 12 to 24 years old, but they share common obstacles and joys.

Cox, an activist for transgender issues as well as an actress, also acts as host for the documentary, walking viewers through the difficulties of coming out, how race plays into the equation, bullying, violence and familial and social support.

Viewers will meet Kye, a Brooklyn man who was the first transgender Division I basketball player ever, as well as college freshman Ari, an 18-year-old man taking his first steps into campus life. Zoey, a 12-year-old navigating life at her new school in California after school administrators refused to acknowledge her as a girl, is also featured, among other true life stories.

After the documentary’s premiere, Logo and MTV.com will host an hour-long “Trans Forum,” hosted by Cox and SuChin Pak. Alongside the subjects of the documentary, Cox will field questions from audience members and those tuning in via social media.

The documentary was produced as part of MTV’s Look Different campaign, a multi-year initiative to identify and fight biases, whether they be based in gender, sexual orientation or race.

“Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word” will air on October 17 and 7 p.m. ET.

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He got me stealing his brand new panties from Homme Mystere!

After a delay on delivery we finally got those beatiful lingerie. Thank you so much guys from Homme Mystere. We love it!

And WOW you look good in them too!  Oh, and so does your guy :)

Anonymous asked : I'm a guy and I want to have a big beard, look masculine and wear male clothes 'cause I think they look cool, but on the other I really want to wear ball dresses and cute female clothes and just look feminine. and I really don't know what to do. Is there a way for me to look masculine one day and feminine the next? is something wrong with me for wanting this? I am so confused about how I feel right now. I'm sorry if I'm just bothering you with this. and thank you for reading. Have a lovely day.


Sometimes I want to look feminine. Sometimes masculine. As a woman, there is less pressure into this, because we’re able to wear pants rather than skirts if we feel like it. But men wearing skirts? Society seems to still be so freaked out by it, which is ridiculous.

If women can wear “guy” clothes, why can’t men rock “gal” clothes? And why are we still separating into two different categories? Why can’t they just be clothes? You know, something we wear, objects that serve us for both protection in different weather, something useful, or for a particular exterior appearance we want to give. 

That’s what clothes are for, and you sir, shouldn’t think “wrong” of wanting to simply dress differently for different occasions! Don’t let society get to your head. It’s a silly thing, society. Still has a lot to learn (or rather, UN-learn). 

Be who you want to be. That’s the key to happiness. 

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I’d usually never let anyone touch my dolls but I recently found out my nephew(who is 5) absolutely adores dolls, he particularly likes the Legacy Day ones. He’s the first person besides myself I’ve ever let touch with my dolls. He loves brushing their hair and switching around their outfits. He’s surpassinglt even quite respectful of the dolls and doesn’t cause much if any damage at all. My brother and sister in law are quite rigid in the way they raise him and would be furious if they found out I allowed him to play with dolls at my house. My nephew and I are keeping it our special little secret now but I’m truly terrified of what when happen when his parents find out(which I’m sure they eventually will). He has every right to play with pretty girl dolls but his my brother would never allow his son to play with “girls toys” it breaks my heart for my nephew.I really don’t know what to do but I’d never dream of banning him from something he loves just to appease his bigoted parents but at the same time I don’t want his bigoted parents to ban him from seeing me.
(photo credit, also an nice article)

Just THIS. THIS so much:

■ Human Rights Campaign president: "HRC has done wrong by the transgender community"


Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, gave a powerful, almost shocking keynote speech at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta this week. In the speech, he apologized for the organization’s past mistreatment of transgender people.

Griffin also announced HRC’s renewed commitment to trans equality, including a fully inclusive antidiscrimination bill, tackling antitrans violence, pushing for equal bathroom and public accommodations access, and opposing the “womyn-born-womyn” policy at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. 

The link above includes the full speech, but here’s an excerpt:

So I am here today, at Southern Comfort, to deliver a message. I deliver it on behalf of HRC, and I say it here in the hopes that it will eventually be heard by everyone who is willing to hear it.

HRC has done wrong by the transgender community in the past, and I am here to formally apologize.

I am sorry for the times when we stood apart when we should have been standing together.

Even more than that, I am sorry for the times you have been underrepresented or unrepresented by this organization.

What happens to trans people is absolutely central to the LGBT struggle. And as the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, HRC has a responsibility to do that struggle justice, or else we are failing at our fundamental mission.

I came here today in the hopes that we can begin a new chapter together. But I also came here to tell you the truth. We’re an organization that is evolving. We may make mistakes. We may stumble. But what we do promise is to work with you sincerely, diligently, with a grand sense of urgency, listening and learning every step of the way.

And I also want to be clear that I’m not asking you to be the ones to take the first leap of faith. That’s our job. My mom taught me that respect isn’t given, it’s earned.

Read the whole thing. Holy crap. 

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"Vancouver School Board Introduces Gender-Neutral Pronouns"

"Students and teachers in Vancouver can now use the gender-neutral pronouns "xe," "xem," and "xyr." The move is designed to accommodate students for whom "he" and "she" does not fit or is deemed inappropriate…
"The newly coined pronouns — xe, xem, and xyr — are pronounced to rhyme with the genderless plurals "they," "them," and "their," and all starting with the "z" sound. So phonetically speaking, they’re pronounced "zey, "zem", and "zare.""

(Source: io9)
Click here to read the full article.

the article doesn’t do the issue justice.
the issue regarded policy change, where the vancouver school board’s (VSB) LGBTQ+ advisory committee re-wrote existing policy to protect staff and students falling on the queer and trans spectrums. 
the policy revision includes
-they/them/their and non-traditional pronouns being recognized by the school system
-required used of preferred names and pronouns by all staff and students
-preferred names/pronouns on all school records
-gender-accesible washrooms and change rooms available to those who require them
-disciplinary action taken against those who act in a discriminatory or hateful manner towards students, staff, and families falling on the queer and trans spectrums
the consultation was the longest ever done by the VSB, with over 120 speakers spread across 3 meetings. 
the process also resulting in two school board trustees being ejected form their party’s caucus, due their discriminatory actions and arguments. 
these are links to stories by vancouver media about the issue
metro news
global BC
huffington post
■ #MyNameIs - Drag Queens Protest "Real Names" Policy at Facebook HQ! | Facebook


Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to post about this protest that is happening TOMORROW in the Bay Area in California. This is something that is impacting many of my friends, peers, and people who I’ve photographed. Please come out if you’re available and in the area!

Facebook has recently been cracking down on drag queens, locking us out of our profiles until we change our names to our “real names.” But Facebook is picking a fight with the wrong crowd: we know REALNESS isn’t the name we were given at birth, it’s the name we kiki with online and off! We invite EVERYONE to join us in a massive protest of this tired policy — everyone has a right to control their identity online!

!!! PROTEST !!!
Tuesday, September 16
9:30am*: meet at the Castro Safeway to get on the bus or carpool!
… or join us at 11am at the Facebook HQ: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA

(Even if it’s your first time!)
Categories include: Tech Executive Realness, Social Media Starlet, etc etc etc.

If you have a car (or car share!), please bring it so we can shuttle as many people as we can! We’ll start with the bus, but are hoping to bring a HUGE turnout!

Of course, drag queens aren’t the only ones affected by this — we’re just the ones with the big mouths! This issue affects a lot of marginalized, creative, and professional communities, including transgender people, bullied youth, activists, LGBTQ people who aren’t out everywhere, survivors of domestic violence and stalking, migrants, sex workers, artists who work under pseudonyms, and various professionals who work in sensitive professions (eg. mental health, criminal justice, etc.) who may want to interact with friends without being found by clients. Facebook claims that its “real name” policy helps protect people from bullying, but this is a form of targeting our communities that can actually make us much less safe. Facebook is today’s public forum and they can’t exclude us — who are they to say we or anyone else isn’t “real”?!

Stay tuned here for more details!

If you want to help out, email heygirl@lilmisshotmess.com!

*Yes queen, it’s early but, like, REAL IMPORTANT! xo.

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